Yoga training 6Yoga Training through its vast network of differentially qualified yoga and meditation teachers, offers a range of    programs geared specifically for those in Corporate life.

What does our Corporate Program contain?

An eclectic selection of yoga techniques that are proven to dramatically reduce stress and thereby increase productivity.

Through this program, the student will be adequately equipped at Self Management of Excessive Tension.



The Goal

The combination of these disciplines and techniques encourages the participants to acquire a relaxed state while maintaining alertness and increasing both creativity and productivity.

Session design
Session will have yoga postures and Yoga breathing exercises. Participants will learn different ways and methods of relaxation like Yoga nidra and meditation.

During corporate session Yoga teacher interviews each individual and notes down their expectations from session and analyses their needs. Then sessions will be designed as per their needs.

During the sessions each of the participant will be able to draw their personal training program. Regular session will also give them more and more sharpness in their skills and fitness.

One will Learn:
Easy postures with slow rhythmic breathing.
Techniques to release deep-seated stresses by a progressive journey within.
Deep relaxation techniques through thoroughly researched sessions of 35 mins each.
Program Benefits:
Promotion of Positive health at the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social plane.
Improved Efficiency in Performance.
Prevention and Self-Management of Stress Ailments like Hypertension, Angina, Insomnia etc.
Emergence of effective Team Spirit.
Happy homes and better domestic life with peaceful living.